Dark Angels Champion, Zameon Gydrael

Another melee focused member of Kill Team Cassius, Zameon hails from the ever mysterious Dark Angels Chapter. Armed with a Power Sword and Plasma Pistol, they make for a fierce combatant. They carry a fair few trinkets on them, like a small dagger, a golden key, and a few parchments on their backpack, all which add to the Chapters mystique.

The robes are very iconic to the Dark Angel Chapter and their successors, and the design of them really helps emphasize the movement of the model. I’m very happy with how both it and the dark green of the shoulder pad turned out. I don’t paint Dark Angels often, but it was nice to return to them after almost a decade. (The tutorial I did for them back in 2013 continues to be one of my most popular posts, to my constant surprise.)

I’m also happy to say that their robe goes over-top of the armour and is held in place by a small leather belt, unlike some of the recent Black Templar and Space Marine releases, which have the robes going under the armour, a design choice which both confuses and frustrates me to no end.

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