Imperial Fists Devastator, Rodricus Grytt

Representing the Sons of Dorn within Kill Team Cassius is Rodricus Grytt, an Imperial Fist sporting the heavy weapon of the team. Rivalling Garran Branatar for fire support, Rodricus is armed with a deadly Frag Cannon, uniquely available to the Deathwatch in this hand-held version.

I quite like his pose, which I find very fitting to an Imperial Fist, being very grounded and stern, as well as the Servo Skull accompanying him. It’s a small thing, but I’m always fond of companions for hardened warriors, even if it is just a fancy skull and some parchment. His helmet is also unique, giving off some knightly vibes which would fit in perfectly with the Black Templars. The dagger he carries at his back also has a tiny fist shaped pommel, which I love.

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