Iron Hands Sternguard Veteran, Ennox Sorrlock

Besides the Ultramarines of Kill Team Cassius, Ennox Sorrlock of the Iron Hands is my favourite member. The Iron Hands are an unforgiving and brutal Chapter with a grim reputation, and one I grew to love as Forge World expanded on their lore and place within the Heresy. I love the inclusion of the Mark 3 Iron armour, the unique Bionic leg, and the slightly creepy Bionic half of his face, which replaces his eye with 3 lenses.

While I painted the Deathwatch armour in a blue-black tone, I wanted to make sure the Iron Hands Chapter colours on his shoulder pad stood out. I took inspiration from Forge World at the time, using a dark metallic as a basecoat and shading it with pure black. I liked the effect so much that I ended up doing something similar for my own Iron hands a few years later.

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