Raven Guard Vanguard Veteran, Edryc Setorax

The second of the two Jump Pack equipped Assault Marines is of the Raven Guard Chapter, Edryc Setorax. Just like Antor, his posing is fantastic, with a great sense of movement and momentum behind the model. He has a fair amount of details, such as the sculpted icons on his legs and backpack, as well as a number of feathers he keeps as trophies or mementos.

Of course I’m a huge fan of the Mark6 Corvus Armour, particularly the ever classic beakie helmet, and it’s incredibly fitting for Edryc and the Raven Guard in general. The Lightning Claws he’s armed with are also a nice touch, allowing him to rend enemy armour and tear through infantry. While he doesn’t carry any ranged weapons, the rest of the Deathwatch squad more than make up for it, and it’s an acceptable trade off considering just how ferocious he is in close combat.

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