Salamander Terminator, Garran Branatar

One of the most unique models of the Deatwatch is a Marine clad in Terminator armour, hailing from the Salamanders. While mostly portrayed wearing Power Armour, it’s nice to see variety in what a member of the Deathwatch can bring to the battlefield, and speaks to Garrans experience that he is allowed to wear such a suit.

While this model plays into the stereotype of the Salamanders, it’s a hard one to dislike. The unique look to the Heavy Flamer, the scale detail on the chest and the actual scaled hide attached to his armour, along with the helmet all make Garren a fantastic model to paint and look at. Along with the Heavy Flamer and Power Fist, he also had an additional Meltagun attached to the Fist, making him the most heavily armed and armoured members of his team.

I love all the little details on the model too. The tilting shield attached to his shoulder, the skull and flame icon on his chest, and even the small crossed hammers on his belt all really tie him to his Chapter. I’d love to see this model used as a basis for a Salamanders character, as there is a ton of potential here.

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