Space Wolves Blood Claw, Drenn Redblade

A young and boastful Blood Claw, Drenn is nonetheless a ferocious close combat fighter, armed two melee weapons: his knife “Fang” and Chainsword “Graam”.

While he is armed with a Bolter at his hip, it’s clear he much prefers to be up close and personal with his enemies, which fits in quite well with the Space Wolves reputation. This character has actually made an appearance before his time in the Deathwatch in the Deathwatch: Ignition anthology, which I quite like. It shows him as a very arrogant Marine, something which service in the Deathwatch seemed to temper out of him. It’s nice to see their time spent in its ranks affect the Marines in ways other than skills learned on the battlefield.

I think Drenn would make a fantastic addition to a Space Wolves army as a Sergeant, perhaps returning from his time in the Deathwatch to serve amongst his Chapter once again.

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