Deathwatch Overkill Objectives

The last addition to the Deathwatch Overkill set are two Objective Markers, used during various missions in the game, but also acceptable for use in general 40k games, or as fun narrative bits to have around the army. The first one, below, is a Teleport Homer. These are generally used to help improve the accuracy of a teleportation strike by Terminators. It’s a nice addition to the kit, especially since one member of the Kill Team is wearing Terminator Armour.

The second objective piece is a Servo Skull. I don’t know why, but I’ve always found these things kind of adorable. Yes, they’re the skulls of former Imperial servants or Nobles or whatever turned into various floating devices that will continue to serve a horrible fascist regime for an eternity, but there’s just something about them I find very cute. I’d love to see GW release a small kit of these things, perhaps a squad of 5 for the Adeptus Mechanicus or something, as I’d kill to have a fair few accompanying my Sisters of Battle and Space Marines.

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