Underworlds Sepulchral Guard

I wanted to try something different from the usual undead aesthetic with this warband. While I do enjoy the typical grim and spooky vibe, I decided to go with something overgrown and lush.

The warband consists of 7 members, making it one of the largest warbands in the game. While I love the models, I decided to upsize their bases to 32mm. This let me make more room for all the lush basing I was going to do, and doesn’t affect the game, as Underworlds is hex based. I’m very over 25mm bases, they just feel way to small for me.

I added some brass etched foliage to each fighter, tying them in with the base and making them look like they’ve just risen from the ground, still covered in the plant life around them.

While I’m not one for a horde warband, I absolutely love fighting the Guard. I’ve had a number of exciting games, and with Magores Fiends, they’re a nearly endless fight.

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