Death Guard Plague Marines

The core of the Death Guard forces are the Plague Marines. The entire Death Guard range is great, and the updated Plague Marines are a real standout. They have a great bulk and sense of weight to them. Clad in ancient suits of Power Armour and with a very unique aesthetic that really lets them stand out among the other forces of Chaos.

The Plague Champion really stands out to me, with the tattered cape and hood, the open pose, and, my favourite detail, the plague fly accompanying them. I love when models, especially Marines, have companions of any sort, and this little fly is no exception, though they aren’t as traditionally cute as some.

I love how each model can be unique in its own way while still fitting in really well with the rest of the collection, the design work is outstanding. I love all the cables and various pipes on the backpacks, giving them a very industrial feel. The ties to WW1 imagery are here too, as expected, with gas masks and stick grenades like those used by German forces.

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