Death Guard Rhino

Of course no force of Space Marines, traitor or otherwise, would be complete without the ever reliable Rhino. I had a lot of fun with this project, turning a plain Rhino into a small plague hub for the Death Guard.

I decided early on to make some changes to have it fit in with the other Death Guard models. The base of the model was given some bullet holes and weathering, along with some areas of flesh, sculpted from greenstuff. I like how fleshy some parts of the Death Guard models are, and wanted a little bit of that represented on the Rhino, the body of the vehicle being corrupted just like the Marines.

I made sure to add a small icon of Nurgle to the top of the Rhino, beside one of the crew who’s manning the pintle mounted gun, as well as some more nature themed bits to the hull. I like the idea of Nurgle as a god who brings life, and wanted to hint at that with the vehicle.

I freehanded a couple large icon on the side and top of the hull, helping to break up the large surface area of green. For those wondering, the Dozer Blade isn’t a standard Space Marine variant, but one taken from the Imperial Guard range.

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