Skaven Clan Mors Warlord

While making my way through my backlog of Underworlds teams and Sisters of Battle, I came across a handful of Skaven models. I adore the faction, and have been thinking of repainting my old army, inspired by the Vermintide series. To start the repainted collection off, I figured I’d go with something my old army never actually got: a proper Warlord.

The model has a few conversions, namely the head and weapon blade being taken from Ikit Claw, and the armoured left forearm taken from a Chaos Lord kit. I also sculpted the Skaven symbol onto it, as well as sculpting the cobblestone bases, something I’ll be doing for my Skaven going forward.

I love how this little rat came out. The neon green, as with my Necrons, is always a blast to paint, and I’m quite pleased with the red cloth and brass armour, and the banner on his back. I’m really excited to paint more rat-men in the future, especially with the new Deathmaster on the way.

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