Flesh Hounds of Khorne

One of my favourite Daemonic creatures, the Flesh Hounds are vicious canine hunters and a staple of Khornes armies. These new sculpts, released a few years ago now, are a fantastic rendition and I had a lot of fun painting this little pack.

My favourite model of the unit is, of course, the Gore Hound, standing larger than the rest of the pack, with a mane of harsh spikes and a very impressive frill. I really like the posing of this model, reading to me as a hunter about to pounce upon its prey.

I went with a far more pinkish red for the Flesh Hounds skin, doing my best to avoid the usual orange-red I do for Khornate armour, as well as adding some patches of black to break up the surface area a bit. Each Flesh Hound has a very aggressive pose that fits the unit perfectly. While I would have liked to see the option for some pose variety, I think what’s here is fantastic.

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