Order of Our Martyred Lady Repentia

Some more reinforcements for my Sororitas, this time in the form of redemption seeking, chainsaw wielding zealots. I wanted my Sisters of Battle collection to be more focused on the saintly/angelic imagery of the Sororitas, hence my lack of Penitent Engines and Arco-Flagellants. I like the grim dark aspects of the faction, it’s just not a side I want to focus on with my own stuff.

Repentia tow the line of that for me, but their fantastic plastic kit and updated design made me reconsider. Their previous rendition was incredibly tiresome, feeling more like fetish pin-up art of the faction, rather than the redemption seeking warrior women they were supposed to be. It’s a general issue with how the Sisters are depicted, Repentia or not, and has continued even with 3rd party alternatives leaning into the very sexist design.

The new kit fixes all of that and more for me. The Sisters wear much more practical clothing, and they’re all well proportioned and muscular, as warrior women would be. I really like the aggressive posing, the unit charging forward, chainsword flailing.

It’s a fantastic unit and I really enjoyed painting them. I took some extra time to practice a variety of skin tones, something I’ve come to enjoy doing more and more. I avoided adding much of the Orders classic blood red to the unit. I didn’t want to add too much colour, preferring to keep the Repentia in black as a representation of their failure.

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