Sisters of Battle Objective Markers

The updated Sisters of Battle range comes with a fair few Cherubs, a staple of the Imperium’s aesthetic, saying so much about the horror of the regime. Of course I had to have a handful in my Sororitas collection, a little reminder that no matter how angelic or saintly they may appear, the Sisters of Battle are still part of a horrible fascist regime.

The Cherubs are spread across a few kits, most coming from the Triumph of Saint Katherine, a fantastic model with a variety of fun stuff. I didn’t make too many changes to the models, only making them a but more stable on them bases, and changing a couple items they’re carrying.

Along with the Cherubs, the kit comes with a beautiful grav-casket carrying the remains of a saint. This makes an easy and great objective on the table, a relic to be defended or escorted. The model has a lot of fun details, like the various heraldry shields and tiny candles.

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