Night Lords Objective Markers

Been a while in the making, but I’m happy to show off the first completed models of my Night Lords project. While not an actual Chaos Marine, this handful of markers was really helpful as a way to figure out the basing scheme and finally solidify a mood and setting for the project.

Quite obviously, the objective markers are based on the Bonfires from the Dark Souls trilogy. While I’d passed on the series for many years, I finally gave it a chance and found there was quite a lot I enjoyed. The general design and aesthetic of the world and it’s inhabitants, the sense of melancholy pervading the dying world, and the fate of the Chosen Undead/Ashen One, destined to struggle and die, or loose oneself to madness. My favourite Warhammer stories have a similar tone, not shying away from this oppressive atmosphere that I find so enjoyable in grim-dark media.

The Bonfires in Dark Souls provide a respite from the world, not just a safe zone, but one of warmth and light where the tired warriors may return to gather their strength. I found these areas to be so endearing and the bonfire so iconic that I wanted to render it in miniature from, as well as bringing some of the vibe from Dark Souls to my Night Lords, who wander the blasted ruins and ash deserts of a dead world for secrets of a forgotten past.

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