Night Lords Cultists WIP

Joining the Legionaries is a 10 strong squad of Cultists, the Banshee Queens. Serving as enforcers and law keepers aboard the Night Lords ships, they’re occasionally employed alongside their Astartes masters during planetary assaults, harassing the enemy or luring them into ambushes and kill-zones.

Building this squad was a bit of an involved process. I used the Escher gang kit as a basis, equipping them with a variety of rifles and a couple shotguns. The biggest change I made is, of course, the squads footwear. While I love the concept of the gang, it’s execution leaves a lot to be desired. The most egregious of the kits sins are the high heels, which baffle and annoy me, doesn’t fit with the gangs punk vibe at all, and is also incredibly sexist and just the absolute laziest of designs.

I fixed this with some Genestealer Cult feet, which not only gives the ladies some sensible footwear, but also fit with their overall aesthetic much better. To be honest I’m a little insulted they didn’t give the gang of punk women big stompy boots in the first place.

I chose to arm the squad with a variety of rifles instead of the typical close combat weapons and pistols the new kit comes with. I figure the warband would prefer to leave matters of melee to the Chaos Marines, keeping their well trained human troops at a safe distance.

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