Order of the Bloody Rose Kill Team: Battle Sisters

As with the last couple of years, I had the great opportunity to continue working with the fantastic Nova Open Charitable Foundation on a project for their yearly summer raffle. With Kill Team getting a fancy new edition recently, I quickly decided upon a Battle Sister project with the new Fire Team system in mind, and a big dose of inspiration from the works of John Blanche.

The backbone of any Sisters of Battle project is, of course, the Battle Sisters. I opted for a range of weaponry on the fights, allowing the player to pick and choose between a variety of options for a single Battle Sister Fire Team, or go all in with two, fielding a fully equipped squad.

The Sister Superior is my favourite model of the project, and had a fair bit of work go into her. The backpack icon, head, and power maul were all taken from my collection of bits from my own Sisters of Battle, while the torso was swapped with one from another in the squad, which took some cutting and a bit of green-stuff work.

I was a bit conflicted on what Order to paint for this project. While I love the Order of our Martyred Lady and their back and red colour scheme, I wanted this Kill Team to stand out from my personal projects. The Order of the Bloody Rose have a striking red colour scheme that I knew I’d enjoy painting, but I also set myself the challenge of avoiding any blue tones, like the iconic John Blanche, who’s work inspired much of thee painting process and colour choice.

The bases were kindly donated by Shadows Edge Miniatures for this project. The Rosarium bases fit the project thematically and are nicely detailed, I highly recommend them. I pinned each model to their base for some added support, with a touch of grit added around any areas I reinforced with some greenstuff.

Another standout from the Battle Sisters, I had a ton of fun building and painting this model. I went for a more relaxed pose, something not super common in 40k. I love the haircut she has, giving off knightly/squire vibes, which fits very well with the Sisters of Battle role in the setting and their aesthetic. The pose didn’t require a ton of work either, just a bit of greenstuff to fill a gap here and there. The Battle Sister kit is incredibly customizable with just a bit of work.

The remaining Sisters fill out the various Gunner and Heavy Gunner roles, giving the player the option of Storm Bolter, Flamer and Heavy Flamer to compliment their Fire Teams. I’ll be sharing another Fire Team soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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