Order of the Bloody Rose Kill Team: Repentia

Reinforcing the Battle Sisters is a Fire Team of Repentia and a Repentia Superior. As I’ve said before, the new Repentia are some of the best models to come out of the revamped Sister of Battle line, and I was all too happy to add a handful to the Bloody Rose project.

While a Battle Sisters Fire Team is a compulsory choice, you can opt to lead your Kill Team with a Repentia Superior, giving the team a more melee focus. Like the Sister Superior, I made a couple minor tweaks to the model. Most obvious is replacing the whip in her right hand with a staff of office. While I love the whips, they tend to be far too fragile for my liking, and I wanted to make this team with gaming in mind.

Of course the real stars are the Repentia themselves. Like with my own Repentia, I kept the main colours of the Bloody Rose off of these repenting warriors while adding lots of red to the models with open wounds, scars, and blood drenched chainswords. My favourite detail on the squad is the bloody tears shed by one of it’s members, blinded as she is by a band of steel across her eyes. It’s a small thing, but I’m incredibly happy with it.

As with the Battle Sisters, I made sure to pin every model to their base for support, adding a small bit of Greenstuff to the connection point for extra reinforcement. The Repentia are very tall and I don’t want them to get knocked off their base due to a little push. (or if I had dropped them during painting!)

As usual, I opted for a variety of skin tones for the Fire Team. It helps each member feel unique, something that’s extra important with small scale skirmish games like Kill Team. Each member is suitably aggressive, flailing their chainswords about as they charge recklessly into the enemy. They’re a great compliment to the more reserved Battle Sisters, while not having as much wild, frantic energy as the Arno-Flagellants

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