Order of the Bloody Rose: Arco-Flagellants

The final Fire Team for the Bloody Rose project is a pack of Arco-Flagellants, lobotomized Imperial citizens who have been transformed into horrific terror troops so they might atone for their sins and redeem themselves in the eyes of the Emperor.

Another outstanding kit from the Sisters of Battle range, the updated Arco-Flagellants are aggressive and wild, flailing around madly with whip-like arms. Each model has a host of implants and cybernetic enhancements to turn them into rage-fuelled killing machines. The

I love all the details of the kit, the various cables and tubes and all the horrible scars. They fit perfectly into the Sisters of Battle grim-dark side, a perfect representation of the cruelty of the Imperium of Man. Like with the Repentia, I opted to avoid much of the striking red of the Bloody Rose armour, instead adding red tones to the models via blood and open wounds.

I had a lot of fun painting the backs of each model, specifically the array of glass tubes and cables connected to their spines. It was a great way to add some more colour to the Fire Team, and a bit more visual interest. I was sure to give the cables the always-in-style hazard stripes, which gives the whole process a bit more of a dehumanized feeling

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