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Salamander Movie Marines

By Trysanna | June 24, 2012

This is a commission from a friend of mine, Thor. These are 10 of his Movie Marines,…

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Wood Elf Highborn (Eltharin, the Aieros Prince)

By Trysanna | June 19, 2012

Just posting something quick here. This is a painted mini for a character in my…

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Rogue Trader Crimson Fist

By Trysanna | May 10, 2012

Well, it didn’t take me very long, but here he is! This is the oldest…

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Here we go!

By Trysanna | March 18, 2012

Well, it has been a little while in coming, but I finally have a blog…

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Night Lords


Night Lords Nostramo Wallpaper

I originally created this artwork as a background for Night Lords section. I was inspired by the Night Lords home-world; Nostramo. I wanted to make sure that both their symbol and colors were depicted but more importantly I wanted to make sure that their broody vibe was felt within this piece. Even though I…


Night Lords Terminator HQs

I’m happy to show off the leader of my Warband, Tor’vek of Nostramo. Armed with a daemon weapon and armored in a massive suit of terminator armor, he was a big conversion project. The legs are from the classic Obliterators, with the waist and belt made from multiple sessions of sculpting. The torso is made…


Night Lords Terminators

The new Chaos Space releases have me really excited about the faction, more so than I have been in a while. The new Chaos Marines look fantastic! I love the effort made to differentiate them more from the Space Marines of the Imperium with more daemonic visages and vicious weapons, and other accessories like the…


Painting Sisters of Battle Monastery Bases

By Trysanna | July 18, 2020

Here’s a quick post sharing the recipe for painting the bases of my Sisters Of…

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How to paint Dark Angels

By Trysanna | May 30, 2013

Here it is! After much work on the part of Fabalah, who does all the…

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How to paint Salamanders

By Trysanna | April 13, 2013

Here it is! Another tutorial. This time, I thought I would tackle the Salamanders. After…

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How to paint Blood Angel Red

By Trysanna | January 13, 2013

Hey there Ladies and Gents, Here with my first tutorial, how to paint Blood Angel…

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Underworlds Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers

Another very cool warband, this group of Gnoblars are led by the stoic Ogre Hunter Hrothgorn and their fierce Sabertusk companion. I haven’t had the chance to play around with them much, but I have seen some fun decks built around them that would be a blast to play and fight against. I really enjoyed…


Underworlds Morgok’s Krushas

While this season of Underworlds may have been a bit quiet what with the global pandemic, the warbands for Direchasm have been wonderful. I’ve been painting a warband here or there between projects, and I was quite excited for another group of Greenskins, this time the bigger and meaner Brutes. I decided to keep the…


Eyes of the Nine

Another Underworlds Warband, this time the magically attuned warriors of Tzeentch. This Warband is quite varied in its composition than some of the others we’ve seen. I went very bright and bold with a lot of the colour choice, using lots of blues, purples, and a splash of wine red on the two most important…


Ultramarines Macragge Wallpaper

By Fabalah Ellis | June 20, 2021

Like my previous wallpaper, I originally created this artwork as a background for Ultramarines…

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Night Lords Nostramo Wallpaper

By Fabalah Ellis | June 12, 2021

I originally created this artwork as a background for Night Lords section. I was…

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Khorne Wallpaper

By Fabalah Ellis | May 18, 2020

I wanted to dedicate a wallpaper to the Chaos God Khorne and quote the mantra…

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Black Legion – The Warmaster Wallpaper

By Fabalah Ellis | February 10, 2015

This wallpaper was designed after the quote from the Black Legion Catechism, with motto “let…

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