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Blight Father: My Skaven Plague Priest

By Trysanna | August 12, 2012

Here with a small post. I thought I would share a converted and painted miniature…

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The Dreadfleet

By Trysanna | August 10, 2012

Avast!Hey ladies and Gents. I finally have some photos of Dreadfleet. This has taken me…

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Incoming: Dreadfleet!

By Trysanna | July 9, 2012

Yup, you heard it. I have my hands on a lovely box of Dreadfleet. I…

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Salamander Movie Marines

By Trysanna | June 24, 2012

This is a commission from a friend of mine, Thor. These are 10 of his Movie Marines,…

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Wood Elf Highborn (Eltharin, the Aieros Prince)

By Trysanna | June 19, 2012

Just posting something quick here. This is a painted mini for a character in my…

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Rogue Trader Crimson Fist

By Trysanna | May 10, 2012

Well, it didn’t take me very long, but here he is! This is the oldest…

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Here we go!

By Trysanna | March 18, 2012

Well, it has been a little while in coming, but I finally have a blog…

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Noise Marine WIP

By Trysanna | August 1, 2022

The first character added to my Night Lords is something off an odd choice, an eccentric and bold Noise Marine who inspires the mortal elements of the warband through the power of music. I love the whole vibe of this model, the over-the-top style and pose, and especially the guitar.…

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Night Lords Venomcrawler WIP

By Trysanna | July 29, 2022

First of many engines of war that will join the warband is a Venomcrawler. I’ve always been a big fan of the various Daemon Engines, especially those released alongside the Death Guard. This six legged monster is a welcome addition to the Chaos Marine range and a new favourite of…

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Night Lords Cultists WIP

By Trysanna | July 24, 2022

Joining the Legionaries is a 10 strong squad of Cultists, the Banshee Queens. Serving as enforcers and law keepers aboard the Night Lords ships, they’re occasionally employed alongside their Astartes masters during planetary assaults, harassing the enemy or luring them into ambushes and kill-zones. Building this squad was a bit…

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Painting Sisters of Battle Monastery Bases

By Trysanna | July 18, 2020

Here’s a quick post sharing the recipe for painting the bases of my Sisters Of…

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How to paint Dark Angels

By Trysanna | May 30, 2013

Here it is! After much work on the part of Fabalah, who does all the…

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How to paint Salamanders

By Trysanna | April 13, 2013

Here it is! Another tutorial. This time, I thought I would tackle the Salamanders. After…

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How to paint Blood Angel Red

By Trysanna | January 13, 2013

Hey there Ladies and Gents, Here with my first tutorial, how to paint Blood Angel…

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Necron Tesseract Ark

By Trysanna | November 26, 2021

I don’t work with Forge World models often. My experiences with Angron years ago left me wary of ordering my own resin miniatures, as it was a big hassle trying to get them to send me one with all the detail in place and no parts miscast. I’m very happy…

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C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon

By Trysanna | November 19, 2021

This sure was a fun change of pace! A large, centrepiece model to compliment the Necron army I’ve painted, but with a different take on the traditional colour scheme. The client requested this Void Dragon be painted using a lot of electric blue and some purples, as opposed to the…

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Necron Chronomancer

By Trysanna | October 29, 2021

Of course I couldn’t stay away from the Necron legions for long! This is the fourth Cryptek I’ve painted to date, this time a Chronomancer for my usual Necron client. I had a lot of fun painting them, particularly the glowing flame effects on the staff and the open chrono-cube.…

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Ultramarines Macragge Wallpaper

By Fabalah Ellis | June 20, 2021

Like my previous wallpaper, I originally created this artwork as a background for Ultramarines…

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Night Lords Nostramo Wallpaper

By Fabalah Ellis | June 12, 2021

I originally created this artwork as a background for Night Lords section. I was…

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Khorne Wallpaper

By Fabalah Ellis | May 18, 2020

I wanted to dedicate a wallpaper to the Chaos God Khorne and quote the mantra…

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Black Legion – The Warmaster Wallpaper

By Fabalah Ellis | February 10, 2015

This wallpaper was designed after the quote from the Black Legion Catechism, with motto “let…

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Underworlds Spiteclaw’s Swarm

By Trysanna | May 7, 2022

Another Shadespire warband, this time consisting of the verminous Skaven. I was thrilled to see the Skaven make it into Underworlds, they’re such a great fit for the game. It’s been a long time since I painted anything Skaven, and this was a really fun return to my favourite race…

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Underworlds Sepulchral Guard

By Trysanna | May 4, 2022

I wanted to try something different from the usual undead aesthetic with this warband. While I do enjoy the typical grim and spooky vibe, I decided to go with something overgrown and lush. The warband consists of 7 members, making it one of the largest warbands in the game. While…

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Underworlds Khagra’s Ravagers

By Trysanna | October 23, 2021

Another Direchasm warband, and one I was looking forward to for a quite a while. Not only is it a fantastic bunch of undivided Chaos Warriors, but it’s led by a woman! As a woman who loves to make characters in the heaviest armour possible in any game I’m in,…

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