Verminlord Warpseer

Avatars of the Great Horned Rat, Verminlords tower over the rest of the Skaven and are a fantastic centrepiece to any verminous collection.

For a Skaven model, they are massive, about the same height as a Knight Titan. I really like the look of the model, I think GW did a fantastic job realizing the Verminlord in plastic, and it’s quite the upgrade from the previous metal model. I went with an albino skin/fur colour, as I wanted something really unique. I also added the gruesome detail of empty, bleeding eye sockets, which I love.

I plan to go back and rebase/repaint my Skaven collection soon, perhaps in preparation for the The Old World or some Mordheim. I’d love to theme them around the Vermintide games, with cobblestone streets and ruined buildings.

Of course I was sure to add a few rats to the Verminlords base, as I’m sure every Skaven attack, and especially one led by such a figure, would be accompanied by great swarms of vermin.

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